Welcome to Sunday Sessions at St. Edward the Confessor Parish!

We are very excited to introduce new and exciting ways to learn about your faith, God and the Church this year in our Sunday sessions. Because faith formation is for everyone, we are asking the whole family to get involved and become part of the process.  We know from research that the strongest faith, the faith that sustains for a lifetime,  gets passed down through families. The parish community supports and values your desire to provide a strong foundation for your children. We are here to help you teach and learn your faith together by providing resources to learn at home, direction on how to implement them, and meaningfulrelational experiences together as community.


SUNDAY SESSIONS ARE ONCE A MONTH, FROM 9:00 to 10:30.  Based on needs and grade levels, you are divided into one of four groups.

LAMBS – For children in the FIRST year of preparation for First Communion.

DOVES – For children in the SECOND year of preparation for First Communion.

FISH – For children in grades 3-5 who are preparing to receive all the sacraments of initiation: baptism, eucharist and confirmation.

SAINTS – For children in grades 3-5 who want to continue their faith journey.

Parents are required to come to the sessions with their children. We will have
both a group experience with parents children and then will break into two separate groups. Children will have a “hands on” experience of faith with a catechist.
Parents will have the opportunity of viewing a wonderful new video series called “Catholicism” with Fr. Robert Barron. For more information go to his
website:  www.wordonfire.org.)  This video has just been
released and is getting a lot of media attention. You will find it captivating
and informative. Discussion of the video plus guidance about doing the lessons
at home will also be included. Please look at the calendar in the packet for a
clearer picture of what we are doing.


Faith Formation Office Direct Phone Line:

The Faith Formation Team:

Donna Couch – Director of Faith Formation – dcouch@stedward.com

Gloria Fetta = Director of Family Ministries – gfetta@stedward.com

Aimee Martinez – Sunday Coordinator – amartinez@stedward.com

Liz Iorio – Administrative Support – liorio@stedward.com

Mary Roman, Records –  mroman@stedward.com