Welcome One and All!

JC and kidsWe welcome everyone, returning and new, to our Family Faith Formation Sessions for 2017-18.  Whether you are a LAMB, DOVE, PELICAN, SAINT or FISH, we are so happy that your family has decided to come together as community each month. This year, we will again focus on HOUSE OF PRAYER/HOUSE OF THE POOR, continuing to grow and learn how to pray and how to be of service to others.

All of our families explored the concepts of identity this month, not only who we are, as individuals, family members, community participators, but also, most importantly, who we are in the eyes of God. Some of the children made collages of  their images of self and God while others explored  the question Jesus asked his disciples: Who Do You Say I Am? Our goal this year is to develop an even  closer relationship with Him  so that we can love one another more.

Parents:  If you missed the session, you can read about everything covered in the parent session by clicking on the appropriate class on the main menu. For example, if your child is in First Communion I, click on “Lambs,” First Communion II, click on “Doves,” etc. All of this information is also in  your notebook or packet.

Here are the children’s sessions content:

The Story of Me

Who Do You Say That I Am

REMEMBER: This is a home-study program. Be sure to consult the calendar if you need guidance as to what chapters to cover.

Here’s a link to the opening prayer/song. When you sing, you pray twice!

Don’t forget: We celebrate the Feast of St. Edward the Confessor on October 13 but we are celebrating it together the weekend of October 15.   HAPPY OCTOBER!