November is Gratitude Month

November has been quite a month for our Lambs, Doves, Pelicans, Saints and FISH! The Lambs and their parents focus on learning more about the mass by touching and experiencing our children’s size “Mass Kit.” They learn that the word “Eucharist” means “thanksgiving.”  The Doves and Saints reflect on gratitude and the many blessings that God has given us every day. The Doves and Pelicans create a “Gratitude Jar,” by writing down each think that we should thank God for each day. The “young” Saints (Grade 3) learned how to say “Grace” and made Blessing Cups to use at their special family gatherings at home. The “older” Saints begin a bible study, searching for the many places in Scripture that thanksgiving is expressed. They each are given their own bible and a spiritual journal .  Because the FISH group meet late in the month, they learn about the Jesse Tree in preparation for Advent.

Here’s the Song we Learned this month:

Our parent sessions focused on learning about All Saints and All Souls.  Here are the videos:

“You Don’t Know Jack About the Saints”