New Year’s Focus: The Beatitudes

Welcome back to Family Faith Formation Sunday Sessions 2017!

As the new year begins, we are focusing on spreading God’s love and mercy to the whole world.

All groups are learning about the Beatitudes, or, The Way To Be Happy, According to Jesus.

We re-visit this important teaching of Jesus, also called “The Sermon on the Mount,” which is found most especially in Matthew, Chapter 5 of the New Testament every year.  These eight teachings are essential to understanding the basic kerygma (teachings) of Jesus. They complete our understanding of  the Ten Commandments, the Law of Moses, from the Old Testament. 

If children learn the Beatitudes from a very young age, they will be well grounded in knowing who Jesus is and what he taught about true happiness.

Parents are also learning! We watched a wonderful video by Bishop Robert Barron. Here is the link if you missed it:

Or on YouTube:

May we all continue to learn and grow in applying Jesus’ way for abundant happiness!