First Comm I – Lambs

Hello Little Lambs!

Lambs are children in the primary grades who are in their first year of preparation for reception of the sacraments of First Reconciliation (Confession) and First Communion. During the first year, we use the GROWING UP CATHOLIC materials that focus on FIRST RECONCILIATION. This is a home-study program. Parents, this great program will give you the words and materials necessary to teach your child about God and the faith in your own words and in your own home. You will both learn A LOT! A notebook will be given to you when you come to the October session (see dates below). You will know when you are assigned when you register.

Monthly sessions are hands-on projects that we do to enhance your family’s understanding of Jesus and the Catholic Faith.

Jesus Listening


GROUP A                                                  GROUP B

October 8                                                  October 15

November 5                                              November 12

December 3                                              December 10

January 7                                                     January 14

February 4                                                  February 11

March 4                                                        March 11

April 8          (Easter Egg Hunt           April 8

May 27        FINAL GATHERING     May 27