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Welcome to Family Faith Formation Sunday Sessions!

Experience has taught us that when the faith is practiced at home, children have the greatest chance of remaining faithful for a lifetime. In essence, YOU (PARENTS) ARE THE FIRST AND BEST TEACHERS OF YOUR CHILDREN!  Sunday Sessions has been developed to EMPOWER you to talk about, teach, and practice your faith with your children in your own words and in your own homes. Sunday Sessions are also about your ongoing growth and knowledge of the Catholic faith. The monthly sessions are an invitation to lift your heart and mind to God, to expand your understanding of our faith on an adult level that can serve your needs for the long haul.

Elementary Children and parents meet on Sunday mornings from 9:00 – 10:30 a.m. Your family is only required to come ONCE a month and you are assigned to a particular Sunday, depending on your grade and class needs.

Preschool and Kindergarten children meet approximately three times a month, as the calendar dictates. (see Tiny Angels page) “Tiny Angels” use the resource SEEDS, a leaflet take-home page that has the Sunday readings at their age level.

Parents of elementary grades –  we provide take-home materials that will help you talk to your child about God and the faith. We are here to help you prepare your child for the sacraments and for living our Catholic faith every day. Children will also receive a leaflet each Sunday that will help connect you to the readings for the liturgical year.


We will also provide additional materials based on each monthly projects as well as links to other opportunities to grow in the faith.


9:00 – Session Begins – Meet in a large group for opening prayer and announcements

9:15 – Children go with Group Leaders for a hands-on project based on the themes for the month; parents remain for an adult faith formation sessions also based on the theme for the month

10:15 – Children and parents reunite in the large group for hospitality and sharing of experiences

10:25 – Summary of learning experiences; closing prayer

10:30 – Session Ends

What group you are in depends on individual needs. These assignments are given when you register.

 “A” Group and includes:

  • First Communion I (Lambs)
  • First Communion II (Doves)
  • First Communion III (Pelicans)
  • Grades 3-5 (Saints)

“B” Group includes:

  • First Communion I (Lambs)
  • First Communion II (Doves)

“C” Group includes:

  • FISH (Family Initiation of Sacraments at Home)–older children who need all sacraments of initiation



9:00 – Go directly to assigned room; Sign your child in (please do not come earlier)

9:10 – Session begins; parents remain who are scheduled to stay

9:50 – Clean up, circle time, closing prayer

10:00 – Pick up promptly–Sign your child out

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