Circle of Grace

Circle of GraceIt is February and time to focus on our annual Safe Environment presentation: Circle of Grace.  Everyone has a sacred space around them but we are not alone. The Holy Spirit is close by to help us, guide us, and protect us. We respect others because  God is always present in every moment. However,  not everyone knows or remembers this. We must learn how and who to trust, how to keep our Circle of Grace safe.

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New Year’s Focus: The Beatitudes

Welcome back to Family Faith Formation Sunday Sessions 2018!

As the new year begins, we are focusing on spreading God’s love and mercy to the whole world.

All groups are learning about the Beatitudes, or, The Way To Be Happy, According to Jesus.

We re-visit this important teaching of Jesus, also called “The Sermon on the Mount,” which is found most especially in Matthew, Chapter 5 of the New Testament every year.  These eight teachings are essential to understanding the basic kerygma (teachings) of Jesus. They complete our understanding of the Ten Commandments, the Law of Moses, from the Old Testament. 

If children learn the Beatitudes from a very young age, they will be well grounded in knowing who Jesus is and what he taught about true happiness.

Parents are also learning! We watched a wonderful video by Bishop Robert Barron. Here is the link if you missed it:

Or on YouTube:

May we all continue to learn and grow in applying Jesus’ way for abundant happiness!



Advent Projects

Pondering Advent 2017

Doves and Saints made Advent Wreaths

Lambs  and FISH made Jesse Trees and learned about the Old Testament.

Jesses Tree

Some of the children also made Incarnation Cards and learned about the Infancy Narratives – the birth of Jesus in the New Testament.


Incarnation Cards.  These cards teach them the Infancy Narratives about the birth of Jesus.



November is Gratitude Month

The Doves, Pelicans, and Saints reflect on gratitude and the many blessings that God has given us every day.
  • The Lambs and their parents focus on learning more about the mass by touching and experiencing our children’s size “Mass Kit.” They learn that the word “Eucharist” means “thanksgiving.”  
  • The Doves and Pelicans create a “Gratitude Jar,” by writing down each think that we should thank God for each day.
  • The “young” Saints (Grade 3) learned how to say “Grace” and made Blessing Cups to use at their special family gatherings at home.The “older” Saints begin a bible study, searching for the many places in Scripture that thanksgiving is expressed. They each are given their own bible and a spiritual journal .
  • Because the FISH group meet late in the month, they learn about the Jesse Tree in preparation for Advent.

Here’s the Song we Learned this month:

Parents focus on learning how to respond to the many misconceptions that people hold about Catholicism.

Here are some videos on the Saints  since we just celebrated All Saints and All Souls Days:

“You Don’t Know Jack About the Saints”

Welcome One and All!

JC and kidsWe welcome everyone, returning and new, to our Family Faith Formation Sessions for 2017-18.  Whether you are a LAMB, DOVE, PELICAN, SAINT or FISH, we are so happy that your family has decided to come together as community each month. This year, we will again focus on HOUSE OF PRAYER/HOUSE OF THE POOR, continuing to grow and learn how to pray and how to be of service to others.

All of our families explored the concepts of identity this month, not only who we are, as individuals, family members, community participators, but also, most importantly, who we are in the eyes of God. Some of the children made collages of  their images of self and God while others explored  the question Jesus asked his disciples: Who Do You Say I Am? Our goal this year is to develop an even  closer relationship with Him  so that we can love one another more.

Parents:  If you missed the session, you can read about everything covered in the parent session by clicking on the appropriate class on the main menu. For example, if your child is in First Communion I, click on “Lambs,” First Communion II, click on “Doves,” etc. All of this information is also in  your notebook or packet.

Here are the children’s sessions content:

The Story of Me

Who Do You Say That I Am

REMEMBER: This is a home-study program. Be sure to consult the calendar if you need guidance as to what chapters to cover.

Here’s a link to the opening prayer/song. When you sing, you pray twice!

Don’t forget: We celebrate the Feast of St. Edward the Confessor on October 13 but we are celebrating it together the weekend of October 15.   HAPPY OCTOBER!


Welcome back to those who have been with us in previous years and welcome to all who are new to us this year!  On behalf of Fr. Brendan, our pastor, the whole Faith Formation staff and volunteer stewards, we are most excited that you have chosen to be part of our program that emphasizes and strengthens your relationship with Christ and the Church.  We hope that you will catch the enthusiasm and join the fun sessions that we have planned for your whole family.

If you have NOT registered, that’s the first thing you need to do. Here’s the link:

If you just need general information, click on “Basic Information” tab in the above menu below the header picture.

We are here to help you! If you need to talk in person, just call the Faith Formation Office: 949-496-6011

Or email us:

Meanwhile, we will pray for you and ask that you pray for us too as we launch another year of Family Faith Formation!

Getting Ready for Fall

Welcome! We are busy preparing for another year of Family sessions and would very much like to have you be part of this important first steps in the journey of faith. We have something for all age groups. Parents: We want you to come and share the experience with your child so please note that our sessions include YOU too!

Online registration for Family Faith Formation is currently underway for the 2017-18 school year. Click here to register:

For more information about the age groups, simply click on the menu tabs.

Classes begin the week of October 1st.  We will email you with all of the details for each group after you register.

We look forward to seeing you soon!